Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It seems this little space offers me a reprieve when I need to fix the scattered parts of my mind. I'm not sure who reads but let me put some things down for myself:

I have a website now. It's nice and simple. I will be putting more on it in the coming months. You can see a fleeting, retreating and reappearing version of the album cover there. Exclaim also shared the artwork and a blurb about the new album today, including it's track list. My plan is to share the album on lukelalonde.com in stream-form leading up to it's release on the eve of All Hallow's Eve 2012. There should be a music video soon too.

From this report it would seem things are happening but I've felt a crust growing over me the past month. Maybe it's that left over feeling from olden days that fall brings on. The "I-should-be-doing-somethings" that used to come intensely after Labor Day. Maybe it's the winding down of creative projects (the Ruffians' new album is almost in the can, mixing is very nearly done) that makes me feel useless and tired. So tonight I flipped through my notebook, combed through Garageband demos and and licked my proverbial thumb to the pages in my phone's audio notes and have compiled a list of twenty five songs I have kicking around the old book shelves of my mind. This list is a couple raw eggs in a glass, protein for my self worth and one great big to-do list I hope to tackle before winter's end. 

The thought of touring right now makes me want to prepare a eulogy for this list and I hope it doesn't come too soon. Though I am excited to share the music I've had going for the past two and a half years or so. I'm not certain I'll be playing much with my solo project but I know the Ruffs will have plenty of dates lined up before year's end and we'll be hitting the stages of North America certainly in early 2013. 

I'm going to share that list here because I think like any resolution, sharing with others puts a healthy pressure to follow up. Here's a meaningless list. A meaninglist:

White Words
Just A Concept
Moves You Make
The Moon Rises Over Little Lake Park
Keep On Go
The Beginning of the Word
Attracting Attention
Looking Up
Like A Snake
You're the One
My Friend Cecilia [Choo-Choo Train]
Blue Phases
A Lower Hate
He's A Big Boy
My Friend Lydia [Razor Blade]

There, I feel better thanks.



  1. Hope to hear a recording of Husha in the next few months. I believe that was a song you played at the PBR show on Thursday last week. I am still thinking about that song.

  2. hope to hear more. i don't remember how i found your page but i've been listening to the mixes you make every now and then. then i realized you're in born ruffians..i dont really know much about the band, the name sounds familiar but i really liked the mixes so thanks, hope to hear things from that list

  3. It's funny to think that despite the fact that things just seem to be picking up again for a Ruffians fan (PBR10, solo album, BR album #3, etc), it's coupled with this funk on your end. It must've been a busy few months.
    Looking forward to hearing more.

  4. This is great news!
    I have faith in your ability to handle Born Ruffians fever alongside all the brilliant things that come with releasing a solo piece!

    I'm sure there are many opportunities to satiate your creative senses coming your way.
    Good luck with the release and all, I look forward to hearing it too!

  5. your desire to keep pushing yourself and to keep creating is inspiring and admirable. thank you for feeding the fire and refusing to stay stagnant - it reminds me to do the same, and also to convert the rest of your solo youtube performances into mp3 and put it on my iPod.

    w/much love and respect,

  6. To all who listen, you are never making enough music.

    Happy CD release day!