Friday, February 5, 2010

So I can't say much about my new record. I know I get a lot of hits on here (I have almost 18 followers) and though I'm still not entirely sure how this website works (I think it might take another 3 or 4 months to get the ropes) I'm pretty sure it's a mega center for hype and gossip. I overheard some people talking about it recently and how cool it is. They mentioned the internet a bunch and I think they were likely referring to this site and more specifically my blog.

So I will say I have become a control freak about the entire thing, but I am very excited about the people who are going to help me work on this record.

Some vocal appearances by:

Lula Ballon
Derrick Wersdster
Jonathan Derrick-Wersdster (coincidence - no relation)

Also additional instrumentation and engineered by someone.

Thom Yorke is slated to hear about it from a friend and make a gesture with his neck and head to suggest mild interest.

That's all.