Thursday, February 21, 2013

While I'm Here

Well, I'm a little drunk. 

I was talking about something with my girlfriend about time. It was something profound that I can't articulate right now but no bother, the point of this post is to share something I came across on my computer I had long forgotten about. What it lead to, this discussion on time, was (ironically) a digging back into old Born Ruffians music we had made pre-born-ruffians. After listening to old Mornington Drive stuff (which by the way I do not have, I can only find a few songs on youtube) I found an album I had made in my bedroom in the year after moving to Toronto, probably 2005. Some night maybe I'll upload it if I drink enough tequila... 

Anyways, what I found was the original Little Garçon demo I made in my room that eventually was rerecorded for Red, Yellow & Blue. I'm not sure it has ever been released so I thought I would just post it here for anyone interested. I found it interesting to listen to as someone who hasn't listened to RY&B in over five years so maybe people closer to the album will enjoy it too. 

Little Garçon original bedroom demo by LL