Monday, January 25, 2010

Getting Real

So here I am, doing stuff and not writing about it. If this is a place to talk about things you do then allow me to begin.

First off, Caribou has a new record out in April. It's my favourite Caribou record thus far and I'm thrilled to say I'm a part of it. I sing the last song. You can listen to the first BANGIN' single called "Odessa" here. It's fucking awesome.

What else, what else, what else... FOUR TET has a new album out (now I think). I also qualify it as being "fucking awesome" and you can quote me on that. Go get your mits on it, find a quiet place, put on a nice pair of headphones and listen the shit out of it.

What else can I swear about. Fuckin' Novels is up for free fucking download now. The song I did is called "Big Run" & I liked the title so much I named this here blog after it.

I'm working on a new record all of my own still. I'm still writing but hope to plan some actual recording time soon before I get really busy doing Born Ruffians things. The record is tentatively titled Rhythymnals, a word I'm fairly certain I made up, but may have already been made up by someone else without me knowing. If so, I apologize for stating I made it up just then.