Sunday, September 4, 2011


This ever happened to anybody? Would I really ever say any of this shit?

Harmless, and of such a small following but I can't help but cringe reading people posting on this page thinking it's me writing broken english with liberal use of the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!! Just curious who this is and kindly cease and desist.

go go luke lalonde
no no luke lalonde



  1. Luke, as someone who has barely spoken to you, hardly knows you, and only encounters you once every few years, I must say...

    You'd totally say all that shit. Fa reals.

    But it is frustrating. I'd say the only effective thing to do would be to personally message enough people to unlike the page, since the owner will apparently "colsede" it at 200. I'm sure fans would get a kick out of getting a message from you too. Good PR, I think.

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  3. I posted a link to this page, he's just increased in consistency, great.
    This may majorly hurt your feeling but I have just "unliked" Luke Lalonde.

  4. One of the posts read "who prefer charlie sheen or ashton kutcher ??"

  5. I nearly just spat out my tea. Go go luke lalonde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hahaahhahahahahahhahaha