Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm in the movies everyone, it's official. I'm not sure if this has garnered much band press via our website/twitter/facedook/googleimagesearches but I worked on a score (and I use the term score loosely, no orchestras were involved) for a movie last summer that is being shown at select film festivals around the world now. It's called Snowman's Land and has a website here.

I can answer some questions I sense from the future now...

-I do not know where you can get the movie yet.
-It's a German movie written & directed by Tomasz Thomson.
-You can hear a snippet of some music I made playing in the background when you visit the website for the film but I'm not sure where you can locate more without going to see the movie. editor's note - you can in fact hear some of Luke's brilliant music under the videos section of the facebook page in clips 2 (ausschnitt eins), 3 (ausschnitt zwei) & 5 (kommt her ihr wichser)
-There is no imminent soundtrack release.
-My debut acting gig is slated for 2013 opposite Daryl Hannah in the sequel to Splash. This time it's me coming to turn her life topsy turvy! Plot twist - it's post apocalypse and mermaids rule the world! (Tom Hanks is expected to hear about the project and feign enthusiasm over his morning cigarette).
-Yes, but depending obviously.
-Every day.
-Hahahahahaha, you're so funny man...
-Check the website for locations nearest you and go check it out!



  1. SPLASH is the best random reference I've encountered all day. I hear Mermen are going to be all the rage in 2013...

  2. Post Scriptum: That's awesome about the scoring.

  3. How you knew I'd ask, "Did you really just refer to yourself in third person?" I'll never know.

    But, congrats! It's a pretty amazing opportunity and you seem to have done a great job. [Internet high-five here.]