Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well, it's the second Thursday of October past the second Friday makes it the first to follow a Wednesday falling on the 13th this month as well as being the 41st Thursday this year with 5 Wednesdays in March & June making it a prime to medium depository for energy consortiums across the planet, so you know what that means... It's Playlist time!

This month's theme is brought to us from Jush-Onathan-Errick Wersdster in Paris, Ontario who requested I do a playlist comprised entirely of songs centered around the word "astronaut." The idea made me so mad I decided to do the opposite. So here it is, a playlist alternating from hip hop/rap (like speak singing) songs to my favourite ballads/epics from David Bowie. It's a best of Bowie featuring one of the many things he is best at mixed with some rap stuff I like.



  1. You are by far the coolest person I have never met.

  2. (McDonald's theme song) I'm loving it. I recognize most of them but can you give us the track list?

  3. Tracklist:
    David Bowie - Sweet Thing
    Kanye West - Runaway Love (Remix, feat. Justin Bieber & Raekwon)
    David Bowie - Win
    Big Boi - Shine Blockas (Feat. Gucci Mane)
    David Bowie - Heroes
    Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like It's Hot (with Pharrell Williams)
    David Bowie - Word On A Wing
    Method Man - All I Need
    David Bowie - Time
    Big L - Da Graveyard (which also has Jay-Z in one of his first recording appearances).

  4. Thanks for the track list! That's some seamless sequencing. My friends and I are going to see you guys play tonight in LA, super excited for it! We've seen you play Spaceland and The Echo when you're in town; always an amazing show and we're always spreading the good word on Born Ruffians! If you guys decided to play 'Like When You' or 'Pool Party Fun' tonight we would be the opposite of angry.